Stopping Collection Harassment

Stopping Collection Harassment

The Best Way To Stop Collection Harassment Is To Call An Attorney 

It is important that you document your communication with all collectors.  Ask any third parties who have been contacted to keep notes of these communications or send you an email stating the date of the call, what was said during the call, the approximate time of the call, and, if possible, the five Ws:  Who, What, Where, When, and Why.


Who called you; what was the individual’s name; the company’s name; it’s address; and it’s telephone and fax numbers. Ask for all of this information.


What did you say to them, and what did they say to you


Where did the conversation take place and were there any witnesses to the conversation


When did the conversation take place and at approximately what time of the day.  If you don’t remember the precise date, remember the week or month or take notes of the conversation immediately after you are finished with the call


Why did the debt collector or person call you

In Minnesota you may record telephone conversations with a collector and not inform the collector that you’re doing so.